Weight Loss Exercises That Actually Work

Planks are the gateway for novices, seamlessly guiding you towards full-body muscle fitness. 

Planks give you the energy you need 

Home setting: Identify a stable spot in your living room, supporting your abdomen with hands, commence kicking with your knees. 

Elevate Cardio with Knee-to-Elbow Kicks 

This low-impact exercise targets major abdominal and leg muscles, turbocharging your metabolism. 

Sculpt Your Body with Squats 

Home setting: Lay flat in your living room, arms behind your head, and commence controlled raises. 

Reshape Your Abs with Crunches 

Jogging, a universal training gem suitable for all ages and health conditions, engages feet, shoulders, and arms. 


At-home practice: Conduct intervals in your yard, jogging punctuated by brief accelerations. 


Don't let work alienate you from weightlifting's transformative benefits for body weight loss efforts. 


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