Want to Boost Your Exercise Routine?

1. Doing Too Much Too Soon

It is essential to begin a new exercise program slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

2. Not Stretching

Stretching should be incorporated into all physical activities to increase flexibility and range of motion, and to reduce injury risk. 

Not Stretching

For optimal results, perform dynamic stretches before a workout and static stretches afterward.

3. Working Out With Poor Form

Incorrect techniques can result in injury, reduce the efficacy of an activity, and waste time. 

Working Out With Poor Form

Consider working with a trainer or coach for guidance and feedback on the form if you are new to exercise.

4. Ignoring Recovery

Allowing your body to unwind and recover after strenuous exercise is a crucial component of any fitness program.

Ignoring Recovery

Getting enough rest, consuming a healthy diet, and imbibing plenty of water are essential components of recovery. 

5. Not Having Fun During Workout

Physical activity need not be a burden. By incorporating activities that you appreciate, exercise can feel less like work and more like play. 

Not Having Fun During Workout

It's time to change your routine or find a new activity that suits your personality better.

6. Not Setting Goals

Without measurable and attainable objectives, it is virtually impossible to track your progress. 

Not Setting Goals

Set some challenging but attainable objectives to keep you motivated on your fitness journey, and always endeavor for something new.

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