Vegetables That Defy Expectations As Protein Sources

1. Edamame

It consists of soy seeds in pods. They are snackable, particularly when sprinkled with sea salt flakes and dipped in soy sauce.


They contain approximately 11 grams of protein per cup.

2. Pinto Beans

Yes, another legume. Refer to the introduction if you feel like arguing. Per 1/2 cup, pinto beans contain seven grams of protein. 

Pinto Beans

Use them as you would any other bean: in rice, chili, and tamales.

3. Navy Beans

These broad, white beans contain eight grams of protein per half cup.

Navy Beans

As with all legumes, they are an excellent source of fiber.

4. Peas

Yeah, peas! If you ingest approximately 3/4 cup of these greens, you will consume five grams of protein.

5. Baked Potatoes

Mmmmmm, roasted potatoes. Seven grams of protein are in one sizable potato. Also substantial.

6. Spinach

Each cup of raw spinach contains approximately one gram of protein.


If you consume a salad containing four cups of spinach, that is at least something.

7. Broccoli Raab

One bunch of broccoli raab contains an impressive 17 grams of protein, but that is arguably a lot of broccoli raab. 

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