These Heart-pumping Exercises Burn The Most Calories

1. Running at 6 mph

The more territory you cover, the more calories you burn. In general, treadmills expend fewer calories than outdoor running. 

Running at 6 mph

Slower jogging burns fewer calories per hour.

2. Cycling at 20 mph

Biking, like running, is an activity that gets the pulse rate up and engages numerous muscles.

Cycling at 20 mph

You can increase the resistance on a machine or add small dumbbells to increase the calories burned. 

3. High-impact aerobics

This is interval cardio, consisting of one minute of sprints followed by three minutes of more moderate activities.

High-impact aerobics

Two types of routines to increase a person's metabolic rate and maintain it at a high level following exercise.

4. Swimming laps

Moving through water exercises limbs and raises pulse rates while preventing the joint stress of walking on pavement.

Swimming laps

Regarding other purported benefits, such as weight loss, the authors determined that the evidence was inconclusive.

5. Weightlifting

As one might expect, the heavier the weights lifted, the more calories burned. 


Developing muscle tone can also make day-to-day duties and movements easier on the body.

6. Sports

Some fitness experts have a saying that "the best workout is the one you'll do.


670 to 770 calories per game of basketball. Herrmann was persuaded to include gaming in the forthcoming revision of the Compendium.

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