The Healthiest Foods For Your Thyroid

1. Shellfish

One of the healthiest dietary groups for thyroid health is shellfish, which includes clams and mussels. 


It supplies iodine, which not only supports the thyroid but also shields the body from illness.

2. Coffee

You may have a lower risk of thyroid disease if you consume coffee. 


Compared to decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated coffee appeared to be more effective.

3. Kale 

Some people think that kale's high iodine concentration causes thyroid damage. 


This vitamin is essential for healthy thyroid and hormone synthesis.

4. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are excellent providers of selenium, providing 988% of the daily required amount in just one ounce.

Brazil Nuts

Fortunately, your thyroid needs selenium as well.

5. Seaweed

Iodine is abundant in seaweed. It could include anywhere from 11% and 1,989% per gram, depending on the type. 


Iodine intake in both other nations and Japan is excessive, which raises the risk of thyroid disorders.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo can be used to make stir-fries, soups, noodles, and salads in addition to being used for pandas.

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