Seafood Recipes That Are So Delicious

1. Easy Mussels Past With Fennel

This Pasta with Mussels, Garlic, and Fennel is a culinary excursion to Tuscany.

Easy Mussels Past With Fennel

This recipe has a luxurious flavor and appearance, but it can be prepared quickly and easily in less than thirty minutes. 

2. Sheet Pan Salmon Oreganata

This Salmon Oreganata with Green Beans and Potatoes on a Sheet Pan is a fast, nutritious, and delicious entrée. 

Sheet Pan Salmon Oreganata

This simple baked salmon recipe is certain to become a family favorite due to its flaky, crunchy coating and piquant flavors.

3. Risotto Puttanesca

This is the ULTIMATE recipe for Risotto Puttanesca.

Risotto Puttanesca

The marinade made with anchovies and Kalamata olives imparts an extraordinary profundity of flavor. 

4. Cod Piccata

This Easy Cod Piccata in a luscious Picatta sauce is a fast 30-minute family-friendly dinner recipe.

5. Herring Smørrebrød

Gain an understanding of what Danish cuisine entails. 

Herring Smørrebrød

Herring Smrrebrd is a traditional open-faced sandwich that contains some unexpected but tasty ingredients.

6. Air Fryer Haddock

Try this air fryer haddock recipe if you've been searching for a nutritious and tasty dish that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. 

Air Fryer Haddock

In just 10 minutes, air-frying haddock yields an extraordinarily tender and flavorful fillet upon which you can construct an entire entrée.

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