Mediterranean Diet High-protein Dinner Menu

Fresh lemon and dill create a quick Greek-inspired pan sauce for simple sautéed chicken breasts. 

Lemon & Dill Chicken

Dive into sophistication with baked halibut accompanied by the earthy charm of Brussels sprouts and the wholesome goodness of quinoa. 

Brussels Sprouts & Quinoa

Indulge in the perfect union of flavors and nutrients with a vegetarian protein bowl that assembles all essentials for a wholesome meal in a single.

Vegetarian Harmony Bowl

Elevate your culinary repertoire with a baked flounder creation, featuring the invigorating notes of fresh lemon, premium olive oil.

Lemon-Kissed Flounder

Immerse yourself in a gastronomic delight with this homemade chicken pizza, where succulent chicken, sweet Italian sausage.

Gourmet Chicken Pizza

Delight in the doubled deliciousness of chicken cutlets crafted from a halved chicken breast. 

Sun-Kissed Chicken

Transport yourself to the Bayside Cafe in Morro Bay, California, with this classic West Coast Crab Louie Salad.  

Crab Louie Salad

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