Immune-boosting Super Foods You Need To Try

1. Make room for mushrooms

Not only are greens, reds, and oranges immune-boosting, but mushrooms are also a good source of selenium and B vitamins.

Make room for mushrooms

Even vitamin D-enriched mushrooms containing 2.5 mg per 100g (3.5 oz) are available.

2. Nibble on cashews

All nuts are nutritious, but a combination of pistachios, brazil nuts, and peanuts is especially rich in zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamin B6.

Nibble on cashews

They all contribute to maintaining a robust immune system.

3. The odd sweet treat

There is no evidence that consuming a moderate quantity of sugar will increase your susceptibility to disease.

The odd sweet treat

It has not been replicated, and a more recent (albeit rat-only) study suggests glucose may aid in the recovery from viral infections but hinder recovery from bacterial infections.

4. Honey

With delicacy in mind, it makes sense to treat a cough with honey. 


Wheezing at night, a honey-sweetened whisky all-in is an excellent choice for adults.

5. Kefir bacteria boost

Kefir contains a wide variety of beneficial microorganisms and yeasts that, when combined, may enhance the immune system's performance.

Kefir bacteria boost

It has been demonstrated that kefir-specific organisms prime the immune system against bacterial infections. 

6. Choose whole-grains

Those who ingested a diet rich in whole grains exhibited an increase in T-cells, a type of white blood cell that protects against infection.

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