I Have Sampled Each Appetizer at Texas Roadhouse

1. Mozzarella Twists

Mozzarella Twists, Texas Roadhouse's spin on mozzarella sticks, are prepared with cheese pieces that have been twisted and served.

Mozzarella Twists

These could be added to the sample platter, thereby reducing the size and consequently the frightening sodium content.

2. Cactus Blossom

If this delicacy appears familiar, it's because it's nearly identical to the popular Bloomin' Onion from Outback.

Cactus Blossom

It consists of batter-coated, deep-fried sweet onion that is served with Cajun sauce or ranch dressing.

Cactus Blossom

This was excellent! The shallots coated in Cajun sauce are crunchy and sweet, with just the perfect level of heat. 

3. Killer Ribs

The Texas Roadhouse ribs won our rib flavor test, so we know they're an excellent choice. 

Killer Ribs

They taste exactly the same as they did back then: fiery and meaty, with the chain's characteristic smoky-sweet sauce.

4. Fried Pickles

This dish consists of basic, crinkle-cut, batter-coated cucumbers served with ranch or Cajun sauce.

Fried Pickles

This is the ideal dish for sharing, as there is enough for everyone at the table. 

Fried Pickles

The pickles were precisely browned, and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that the restaurant serves its cuisine hot.

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