Weight Loss-friendly Vegetables

Unveiling the nutritional symphony of green peas, these starchy wonders stand tall among their veggie counterparts.  

Green Peas 

Its textured resilience invites a slower chew, promoting a sense of fullness with fewer calories.  


With a milder taste and similar nutritional prowess to kale, it's a crowd-pleaser with 7 calories and 0.7 g of fiber per cup.  


In the realm of vibrant veggies, carrots stand out with a delightful crunch and an impressive 3.5 g of fiber per cup.  


If you're looking for one of the lowest-calorie vegetables, romaine lettuce has only 8 calories per cup.  

Bell Pepper

Enter the world of broccoli, armed with cancer-fighting compounds, filling fiber, and an antioxidant punch.  


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