Guaranteed Success Dinners

1. Popper Chicken Salad

This Jalapeno Popper Chicken Salad is a fun and unique alternative to your typical weeknight meal.

Popper Chicken Salad

It's a wonderful and simple meal with an interesting taste profile. 

2. Creamy Spinach 

This Creamy Spinach Chicken Bake will be the highlight of your Friday night meals. 

Creamy Spinach 

A delicious, hearty lunch that the entire family will enjoy can be on the table in under 30 minutes.

3. Pan Dinner

This Sausage and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner is a delicious and easy alternative for dinner. 

Pan Dinner

 It's ready in 30 minutes and has a flavorful blend of roasted sausage and vegetables. 

4. Fried Cabbage

Need something filling to eat quickly? You needn't look any farther than this Bacon-Wrapped Fried Cabbage.

Fried Cabbage

The combination of cabbage, bacon, and onion in this quick and easy recipe creates a balanced meal 

Fried Cabbage

Complementary tastes and textures that's ready in only 25 minutes.

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