Full-body Exercises With Weights To Burn Fat

Stand with feet confidently wider than hips, bearing the weight of possibility. 

Squat Symphony with Overhead Precision 

Engage in a ballet of strength with the squat, curl, and press. Start with a stance just beyond hips-width, cradling light to medium weights. 

Burpees Squat, Curl, and Press Ballet 

Elevate your exercise routine with solo elegance—the single-arm hinge and swing. Stand poised, holding a weight in your right hand. 

 Single-Arm Hinge and Swing 

Feet hips-width, medium weights in hand, you perform a deadlift, fortifying hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. 

Deadlift Row Duet 

Craft a serenade for your muscles with the side squat to overhead press. Begin with feet in harmony, weights cradled, palms facing.  

Side Squat Serenade to Overhead Ascension 

Feet hips-width, weight in your right hand, you squat, touch the weight to the floor, then ascend into a single-arm row.  

Single-Arm Clean and Press 

Begin with lighter weights, and feel the strength and power as you combine a close-grip pushup with a row.  

Pushup Plank and Single-Arm Row 

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