Foods That Are Destroying Your Abs

1. Alcohol

Oh my, beer, wine, and margaritas! Even low-sugar seltzer beverages could prevent you from seeing your midsection.


They are typically a source of inert calories that can contribute to an excessive daily caloric intake and lead to weight gain.


In addition, many alcoholic beverages contain added sugar, an ingredient that can contribute to abdominal obesity.

2. Deli Meats

Due to its portability and adaptability, deli meat is a popular staple in many households.

Deli Meats

Although turkey, chicken, ham, and even roast beef are low in cholesterol, these sliced meats tend to be high in sodium. 

3. Sweetened Cereal

Sugary cereal may be destroying your midsection, whether you consume it with milk for a quick breakfast, sprinkle it over yogurt for a parfait.

Sweetened Cereal

We are aware that sugar alone can increase abdominal obesity, but cereals that are both sweetened and low in fiber may not be as substantial.

4. Granola Bars

Snacks and meals that can be consumed on the go make life a little simpler, but often at the expense of nutrition. 

Granola Bars

Granola bars are notoriously high in sugar, deficient in fiber and protein, and not particularly satisfying. 

5. Sweetened Coffee Drinks

A plain cup of coffee will not prevent you from achieving your ab objectives. In fact, the caffeine in coffee may assist in adipose breakdown. 

Sweetened Coffee Drinks

The issue is the milk, cream, and sweeteners that are frequently added to hot and chilled coffee beverages. 

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