Fat-Burning Full-Body Weight Exercises

Embark on the challenge of the 360 plank with single-arm rows, a sequence that intricately weaves together diverse movements. 

360 Plank Infused with Single-Arm Row

Unleash the potential of your entire body with the walking knee lunge—a functional exercise mirroring daily movements of getting up and down. 

Walking Knee Lunge Unleashed 

Ignite a symphony of muscle engagement with the rear lunge featuring a double-arm row—a compound marvel sculpting glutes, hips, thighs, and back muscles. 

Rear Lunge with a Double-Arm Row 

Merge lower body finesse with triceps sculpting in the side lunge with a triceps extension.  

Side Lunge with Triceps Extension 

Embark on a journey fusing lower and upper body dynamics through the side lunge with upright row.  

Side Lunge with Upright Row 

Balancing prowess is integral, making it prudent to commence without weights, mastering each facet before their seamless integration. 

Deadlift with Overhead Press 

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