Dinner Plan For A Mediterranean Diet High-protein Diet

Harmonize vegetables and salmon on a single sheet pan, dancing in synchrony while the rice undergoes its own culinary metamorphosis. 

Rice Ballad with Beets & Brussels

Embark on a journey with these hearty breakfast symphonies, featuring ingredients cherished in the Mediterranean diet.  

Egg Symphony with Rosemary, Tomato & Feta

Chia seeds, bearers of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, entwine with a fruity serenade, harmonizing in the refrigerated embrace.  

Chia Serenade

Lemon-kissed, bright, and surprisingly delicious, this vegan chickpea salad sandwich echoes the classic tuna salad symphony.  

Chickpea Melody Sandwich

Immerse yourself in a veggie-packed salad, a masterpiece of protein and fiber. 

Lime Tofu Harmony

Indulge in a wrap, a sensory delight of chicken tenders and couscous infused with lemon zest and a herbal cadence. 

Couscous Wrap with Herbal Refrain

This seamless soup composition swiftly unfolds, courtesy of an electric pressure cooker or multicooker like the Instant Pot.  

Vegetable Crescendo

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