Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Walking emerges as a convenient avenue for novice fitness enthusiasts, offering a gateway to exercise.


Jogging typically unfolds between 4–6 mph (6.4–9.7 km/h), whereas running denotes a swifter pace exceeding 6 mph (9.7 km/h). 

Jogging or Running 

Cycling emerges as a non-weight-bearing, low-impact exercise, ensuring minimal stress on joints. 


Commencing involves selecting an activity, be it running, jumping, or biking, and specifying exercise and rest durations. 

Interval Training 

The American Council on Exercise estimates a 140-pound (65 kg) individual burns about 9 calories per minute swimming at a crawl or moderate pace.  

Waves with Swimming 

While not conventionally hailed as a weight loss exercise, yoga stands out as a calorie-burning practice with multifaceted health benefits. 


Sponsored by the American Council on Exercise, a study illuminates the calorie expenditure in Pilates.  


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