7 Bad Habits That Will Actually Destroy Your Brain

1. Not Exercising

When you don't exercise or move enough, tension builds up quickly and your body doesn't function properly. 

Not Exercising

It is important to exercise; if you can't do it seven days a week, at least strive for five. 

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Aim for a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep per day. If you can obtain 8, that would be even more advantageous. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

When you are sleep deprived, your brain cannot function normally. 

3. Eating Inflammatory Foods

Inflammatory foods not only make it more difficult for your brain to function.

Eating Inflammatory Foods

But they also become a problem for your body. 

4. Having A Big Belly

To some, a large abdomen is a joke; they may refer to it as their "pizza belly" or "doughnut belly," but neither of these nicknames is healthy.

Having A Big Belly

A large stomach causes tension on the body, which can be alleviated by making healthier food choices. 

5. Not Learning New Things

Don't let your intellect become stagnant. Try to discover something new each day.

Not Learning New Things

Find topics of interest and make it a habit to learn something new every day. 

6. Spending Too Much Time Indoors

Get outside; not only is it essential for your physical health to be in the fresh air.

7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise four to seven days per week. If you dislike running and the gym, consider playing paddleboard or pickleball. 

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