6 Best Drinks When You Need An Energy Boost

Feel a bit sluggish? Surprise! It might not be coffee you need but water.  


Coffee, a classic choice, contains caffeine—a stimulant blocking adenosine receptors, making you awake and alert.  


Cochrane recommends balancing protein, healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbohydrates. Hydration is an added bonus from liquids, ice, and fruits.  


Stress can deplete energy fast. Combat it with matcha, known for enhancing cognitive function and containing antioxidants.  

Matcha Tea 

Whole fruits and veggies, compared to juice, offer a variety of nutrients that may positively impact well-being.  

Fresh Fruit and Veggie Juices

While beet juice may not be your first choice, studies show it enhances exercise performance.  

Beet Juice

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