5 Eating Habits for Rapid Weight Loss After 30

1. Whole foods

This category includes fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, nuts, heart-healthy oils such as avocado and olive, potatoes, maize, lentils.

Whole foods

One review conducted in 2023 and published in the journal Nutrients found that increasing fruit and vegetable consumption promoted weight loss.

Whole foods

These foods are high in dietary fiber, low in calories, and can help you consume more carefully.

2. Sugar in your diet

Added sugar is not your friend, particularly if you are attempting to lose weight. 

Sugar in your diet

One of the greatest challenges we face is the abundance of added sugar in our diets, and as you age.

Eating enough during the day

Don't make the error of not consuming enough during the day and then reaching for the cookie jar at night if you're trying to lose weight quickly. 

Eating enough during the day

Your body requires sustenance throughout the day, so depriving yourself of calories during the day and then overeating.

4. Meal prep

If you want to lose weight after the age of 30, consider preparing your food on a Sunday to ensure you're giving your body all the nutrients it needs.

Meal prep

If you have planned all of your meals for the week, you will likely not feel the need to grab something unhealthy on your way to work or on your way home.

5. Practice mindful eating

Sitting down and slowing down in your frantic schedule to savor your food can make a significant difference in supporting weight loss after the age of 30. 

Practice mindful eating

Limit distractions such as social media browsing and practice mindful dining. 

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